Commonwealth Family Day

On Friday 21st  February we were invited to perform at the Commonwealth family day, at Westminster Abbey, London.  It is the second year in a row that we have performed at this event, which celebrates, acknowledges and informs about the commonwealth countries.  It was a brilliant performance and for two of our members, Lily and Kelly, it was also their first. We were also fortunate to have Tredegar as part of our roopu while on his short visit back to Ranana. 

Our Kaihaka were:

Whaea Gerry Williamson, Whaea Jackie Naylor, Whaea Rose Chandler, Michelle Rigby, Rebecca Khan, Kellee Peita-Read, Rob Peita-Read, Adrian Smith, Shane Cahill, Kelly Primrose, Joanna Manawa, Dixy Samalandra Malasandra, Kim Somerville ,  Anna Polonkai, Lily Taura, and Tredegar Hall.

Photographer: Michelle McDonald

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